Diving into the World of Brandi Milne

What Poison be your Grief? Acrylic on Panel 40x26"

What Poison be your Grief?
Acrylic on Panel

I have been following Brandi’s work for some time now and I am always captured by the initial innocent and seemingly sweet visual of her work; only to discover the presence of ghosts, ghouls and skeletons. At first glance, Brandi’s work brings up that ever so sweet memory of vintage childhood storybooks with a strange and unusual undertone.

Getting a little deeper, Brandi has been very open about the meaning behind her work. She often speaks of traumas that we all endure at some point in our lives, such as pain, loss and heartbreak. These traumas are depicted in her work so beautifully and masked in a “candy-coated surface”, as she puts it so precisely in her biography.

In fact, the thing I love so much about Brandi is how completely she gives herself over to her art world and how open and honest she is about it. I really believe that when an artist pours their soul into their work you can feel it when you look at it. This is exactly what Brandi has been able to capture so wonderfully.

Brandi is currently working on new pieces for a solo exhibition at Dorothy Circus Gallery in Rome, Italy for October 2019.

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